VIDEO | Romanian police fine party goers who ‘invited’ horse to boozy bash in living room

A video posted online showing how a Romanian reveler tries to give a piggyback ride to a horse during a boozy living room party with a group of friends has landed him in trouble.

The unusual scene was filmed recently during a party in the south Romanian county of Calarasi. It ended with police dishing out eight fines to the partygoers several days later.

The police said they had seen „images that appeared in the media where a horse is seen in a room with a group of people drinking alcohol and listening to party music,” Hotnews reported.

„We inform you that the the Calarasi county police inspectorate… have carried out checks regarding the violation of animal protection rules and the observance of health measures imposed during the state of alert.”

The video shows the carousers whooping and feeding the hungry animal which also  munches food on the table.

Police said they had identified the guests. Eight men, aged between 25 and 46 from the village of Nana were handed fines of 21,500 lei (about 4,340 euros) for breaking Covid-19 rules that ban gatherings.

The police added that the horse that appeared in the video had not been assaulted or subjected to any other ill treatment.

“Following the act of one man trying to lift the horse on his shoulders, we would like to point out that both the horse and the man did not suffer any injury. This act did not violate any animal protection laws.”

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