VIDEO. ‘The windscreen!’ ‘The carpets!’ Residents rudely awakened in Romania after cops turn on megaphone during nighttime car wash

Police startled residents in a quiet neighborhood when an officer used a megaphone in the middle of the night.

But the rude awakening wasn’t to warn locals about a robbery or hold-up. The officer in question turned on her megaphone to instruct a colleague how to wash a police car.

The two officers who were working the night shift popped into a 24-hour car wash with a self wash facility at about 1am on Wednesday morning, reported.

The officer who wasn’t  actually washing the car then turned on her megaphone to tell the colleague how to wash the car, presumably because the noise of the car washing equipment meant she couldn’t be heard normally.

“The carpets, the carpets,” she boomed. The noise was so loud that it woke some residents, and one filmed it.

The police officer can be heard saying “the windscreen!” “Wash that part more!” and “You dropped it!” The sound reverberates across the street.

It wasn’t the first time when the 24-hour car wash has woken residents and a number of complaints about night time noise from the car wash.

Public health officials said the noise measured between 57.5 and 74.5 decibels, well over the legal limit of 45 decibels.

The Public Health Department has fined the company 10,000 lei and ordered it to reduce working hours or erect a barrier to muffle the noise.


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