What’s the deal with Romania’s New House program?

    Alpha Bank Romania will continue to grant „Noua Casa” loans in this year’s edition of the program to facilitate the purchase of houses in Romania. The bank offers the „Alpha Housing Noua Casa” loan with an interest rate of 2% + IRCC (reference index for consumer loans) and 0 commission for file analysis.

    The minimum down payment required is 5% for homes with a price less than or equal to 70,000 euros, equivalent in lei, and minimum of 15% for homes with a price between 70,001 euros and 140,000 euros.

    Alpha Bank Romania offers a full range of mortgage products, with fixed interest rates for the first five years of the loan or variable interest rates, in lei or euro, for those who want to purchase a home or build a house. At the same time, the bank offers solutions dedicated to customers who are looking for energy-efficient housing, through the „Alpha Green” loan.

    The bank also offers complete solutions for insuring the financed home. Customers can purchase optional life insurance and comprehensive insurance covering the risk of unemployment and temporary incapacity for work.



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