180 sheep rescued from capsized cargo ship find new home in Romania

Sursa: Letea Wild Horses

A flock of 180 sheep saved from a capsized cargo ship in November have arrived at their new home in Romania.

More than 14,000 sheep were being transported on the Queen Hind ship from Romania to Saudi Arabia, where they were due to be slaughtered.

Rescuers managed to save 254 sheep. Dozens later died from exhaustion or were euthanized due to their injuries.

It was carrying 14,600 sheep and was headed to Saudi Arabia when it capsized after leaving the Black Sea port of Midia.

An operation involving the military, police, firefighters, divers and the coastguard took part in the rescue. Animal welfare groups  fought to find homes for the surviving 180 sheep.

Four Paws and its Romanian partner organization Arca have now been granted custody of the sheep and plan to move them to vegan sanctuaries for rescued farm animals in Romania.

Robert Chioveanu, who’s in charge of Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority visited the former horse farm, north of Bucharest where the sheep are being kept” to check the conditions and to ensure their well-being.”.

The farm has been specially adapted for the sheep.

Many global animal welfare organizations have campaigned for restrictions on the long-distance transportation of live animals.


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