After cold snap, ‘tropical temperatures’ forecast for Eastern Europe

Put the boots and winter coats back in the wardrobe.

A wave of polar air that sent temperatures plummeting to below freezing in some parts of Eastern Europe in recent days has passed, and warmer weather is back on its way this weekend.

The extreme fluctuations will see temperatures of more than 10 degrees Celsius above the seasonal average on Sunday, after a period when the weather was much colder than average for the time of year.

Romania’s National Meteorological Agency forecast the daytime temperature will climb from 10 degrees Celsius on Friday to 14 degrees Celsius Saturday in the capital and 18 degrees Celsius on Sunday. On Monday, it will be a balmy 22 degrees Celsius.  The rest of the week will see much warmer temperatures than usual.

Colder weather will be back by mid-November.

The most dramatic change of temperature will be in Ukraine, where it will be almost 25 degrees Celsius warmer this Monday than on Friday.


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