Almost half COVID-19 infections, deaths in Romania in five counties. Men account for almost two-thirds of virus deaths

Foto: INQUAM/Attila Szabo

Nearly half of deaths from COVID-19 in Romania occurred five areas, a report on Tuesday said, revealing how the highly transmittable virus has torn through some regions, while other places have remained almost untouched.

Suceava in northern Romania accounts for 18.6% all of all deaths. Other hard-hit regions are Hunedoara and Arad counties in the west, Galati in the east, and the capital, Bucharest. Deaths in those areas account for 48.5% of Romania’s 631 deaths.

About 44% of all cases come from the same regions, according to a report from the National Center for the Supervision and Control of Transmittable Diseases.

Suceava, considered the epicenter of Romania’s coronavirus epidemic after an outbreak at the county’s main hospital is the worst, with 21.3% of Romania’s 11,339 cases.

Botosani in northern Romania and Arad are the other affected counties. At the other end of the scale, the counties of Salaj, Buzau, Valcea, Bacau and Harghita each have less than  30 cases.

Almost three-quarters of all COVID-19 deaths are people over 60, and men account for 64.4%, or just under two-thirds, of all deaths.

Three counties. Suceava, Hunedoara and Arad, have more than 50 people infected per 100,000 residents.

The report said that 86.4% of the people who died after contracting the novel coronavirus had at least one underlying health problem.


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