Automobile Bavaria provides electric BMW i3s to hospitals in three cities on the front line of the battle against coronavirus

Automobile Bavaria says it has provided hospitals in three Romanian cities with BMWi3 cars to help health workers take care of patients during the coronavirus outbreak.

CEO Georg Pfeffer said the company would also offer the hospitals charging stations for electric and hybrid cars which would remain there “after this difficult period.”

Pfeffer said the initiative was to “support the necessary mobility of hospitals in cities we are present.”

Cars and charging points have been provided to the Infectious Disease Hospital at Cluj, the Victor Babes Infectious Diseases and Lung Hospital in the southern city of Craiova, and the Pediatric Hospital in the central city of Sibiu.

Health workers will be able to use the electric cars to drive between different hospital departments and or for testing or treating patients who are at home.

Autombile Bavaria has already provided BMW i3 cars to the Matei Bals Institute via the city hall and hospitals in in the Black Sea port of Constanta and the southwestern city of Timisoara.

The company said it had made 22 BMW i3’s available to health workers on the front line of fighting the coronavirus.

It said it had plans to develop the project is other places where there were BMW dealers.

The company said it was continuing business activity throughout the country “ensuring the mobility of clients in this difficult period when trips are absolutely necessary.”

The BMW i3 was selected as 2014 World Green Car of the Year and also as 2014 World Car Design of the Year.


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