Bears wreak havoc in central Romania, killing sheep, hens, frightening locals

Bears have gone on the rampage in central Romania, killing sheep, hens and wreaking havoc in people’s yards, officials say.

Mayor Lehel Kovacs says more than 140 sheep and 80 chickens have been killed in the village of Lupeni in the past two weeks.

Hunting permits

Authorities have been notified and hunters have applied for hunting permits.

“We are scared to leave our homes at night ….. but unfortunately, it’s difficult to chase them away as they’re not as scared as they used to be,” he told Agerpres.

He said local residents fear further bear attacks on people.

„We are close to an even greater tragedy. … It’s a great tragedy because people who had animals no longer want to keep them and they don’t want to farm anymore, “ he added.


The director of the Association of Hunters and Sport Fishermen Lazlo Balazs some bears were illegally bears were relocated in the area.

„They attack bears almost every day. They kill sheep, chickens, and knock down fences,” he said.

„We need to reduce the number of bears…. We do not want to kill them but we want to reduce their numbers,” or relocate them to Germany, France or Austrian ”where they have very good conditions for bears.”


“It is not about killing, but their number must be reduced „, explained Fancsali Istvan, of the Association of Sport Hunters and Fishermen.

Zsolt Butyka, another mayor said there are currently six bears that regularly come into the town of Baile Tusnad including a cub who walks down the streets during the day.

“He walks in the city, in the school yard, on the road, in the cemetery, in the alleys, everywhere, he is not afraid of people. Most likely, he was raised here, he doesn’t want to leave,” he said.


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