Bucharest district mayor wants illegally parked cars to be towed

ridicarea masinilor, Clotilde Armand, Facebook

In the Romanian capital, car parking can be chaotic, if not illegal, at the best of times.

Motorists double park, block other vehicles, leave their automobiles on the sidewalks, park in front of entrances, or park on pedestrian crossings. Even though they are breaking the law, they are rarely fined.

Now, in an effort to ease traffic congestion in the capital of two million, the mayor of Bucharest’s upscale but congested first district wants illegally parked cars to be towed.

Clotilde Armand, who’s mayor of the first district, said all vehicles that aren’t parked in authorized places such as residential parking places or car parks risk being towed. The city hall has devised a plan that was been put up for public debate on Friday.

Vehicles that have been abandoned or left on public and private land will also be towed, following public input, the town hall said.

Vehicles which are parked in places reserved for disabled drivers may also be towed under the new proposals.

Local authorities or an operator contracted by the town hall will tow the cars to specially designated places where they can be recovered.

Local police will coordinate with authorities and fine motorists where necessary. Vehicles that have passengers in them won’t be towed.

Towed vehicles will be deposited in specially designated spaces.

Cars and vehicles will be returned to owners or designated drivers after they have paid a fee.

Including the towing cost and parking fees.

Towing fees are 200 lei for an average car and 270 lei for a SUV. Transport fees are between 150 and 200 lei.

Storage fees are 75 lei for the first 24 hours and 25 lei a day after that, under the proposal.


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