Cheaper tourism program floods Romanian seaside in early fall

A significant number of tourists are expected in the resort of Mamaia, in the first week of September, through the „Seaside for all” program, with more than 20 accommodation units having joined the program, the Mamaia – Constanta Employers’ Organization informed on Friday.

Under the program, which will take place in September, tourists can stay at rates starting from 70 lei/person/night. The price can reach up to 360 lei/person/night, for 4-star hotels.

„We register a very high demand for the first week of September, when a significant number of tourists are expected to arrive in Mamaia, even if the summer vacation is shorter, and students will start classes on September 5. Guests can stay at the rates which start from approximately 70 lei/person/night. For the 3-star hotels in Mamaia, the price can reach up to 326 lei/person/night in the Ultra All Inclusive regime, or 360 lei/person/night, for the 4-star hotels. The number of places available for this offer is limited, and those who want to come to the seaside in the next period must already make their reservations. The program will continue until the end of September and is complemented by special offers for seniors”, CEO Ionut Nedea is quoted as saying in the release.

According to the quoted source, „Seaside for all” is a program intended for tourists who want to spend their holiday at the seaside off-season. After September 1, accommodation prices are lower, and the beaches and Mamaia resort are freer, even if the weather is still good for going to the beach and swimming in the sea. 2, 3 and 4 star hotels register in the program every spring and autumn. These hotels offer, within the program, tourist packages of six nights of accommodation, with prices starting from 70 lei/person/night.

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