City of Iași to shut off its architectural lighting

Iași city officials recently decided to switch off the architectural lighting for several well-known buildings to bring down energy costs. Among the buildings that will not be lit after midnight is the Roznovanu Palace, which houses the Iași City Hall. Also on the list are numerous local churches, a monastery, and the Central University Library.

Mayor Mihai Chirica believes that the new measure will not impact the city’s inhabitants, as the vast majority of them are not out past 10 PM.

“There is an almost total absence of people in the public space after midnight. Our city is beautiful, but from 10 PM to 10:30 PM people start heading back to their homes, even during the weekend. There are some parties, weddings that last until midnight, so the hour [set] is reasonable,” Chirica said in a press conference.

The mayor also said that the measure will allow the City Hall to save roughly 457 megawatts or RON 1.5 million (EUR 304,828) in costs. “Multiply this by a few tens or hundreds of times more at the national level and you will see that every penny, every megawatt saved adds up,” Chirica added, cited by G4Media.


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