Coronavirus cases plateau in Romania, but deaths remain high

The number of coronavirus cases has stabilized in Romania, while deaths of patients with SARS-CoV-2 remained high across the country, but a drop from the previous day when a record number of patients succumbed to the virus.

The Strategic Communication Group said there were 7,365 new Covid-19 cases after 31,458 tests were carried out in the past 24 hours. That gave a positivity rate of 23.4%, the lowest rate since Dec. 4.

The death count on Wednesday for the past 24 hours was 161, lower than a record number of  213 on Tuesday, but a higher single-day tally than the past week.  

The number of patients who are seriously ill with the virus remained high, with 1,271 needing intensive care treatment and 12,430 hospitals beds across the country occupied by Covid-19 patients.

In Bucharest, the number of new cases remained alarmingly high for a second day with  1,946  new infections. Cases also spiked in the Constanta Black Sea region which had 520 new cases.

The deaths of 90 men and 71 women with the virus included a patient in their 40s, 14 in their 50s and 38 in their 60s, with the bulk of virus-related deaths among elderly patients.

Six of the patients didn’t have any comorbidities, such as cancer or diabetes.

More than 45,000 people who have confirmed positive for the virus are self-isolating at home or elsewhere.


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