Dinosaurs galore. Romania’s Dino Parc had record number of visitors last year

Albertosaurus, Dino Parc, Rasnov
Albertosaurus, Dino Parc, Rasnov

Susan the Seismosaurus! Peter the Pterodactyl! Tommy the Triceratops!  Dennis the Diplodocus!

Business has been booming at Romania’s Dino Parc which saw almost half a million visitors last year, a third more than 2020, the park said Thursday.

The outdoor dinosaur leisure park which has 100 dinosaurs on display in forested mountain area is the biggest of its kind in southeast Europe.

The pandemic has seen an increase in visitors and business.

Takings went up by almost 40% in 2021 to about 17 million lei (about 3.5 million euros)   compared to the previous year which was about 12.5% better than 2019.

The entertainment venue set in 3.5 hectares of forest in central Romania managed to survive during the pandemic partly because the park is outdoors and not subject to some pandemic restrictions.

Last year, it sold 492,000  tickets, the company that manages it said in a press release Thursday.

It has an array of dinosaurs such as the Seismosaurus, a huge creature 45 meters long with a gigantic neck or the Hatzegopteryx thambema, a massive flying animal hich is reputed to have been able to fly round the world without stopping.Its remains have been found in Transylvania.

Last year, the tallest dinosaur that ever lived, the Diplodocus appeared in all its splendor, standing 11 meters high, about the height of two giraffes. It lived about 150 million years ago.

Apart from the dinosaurs, the park boasts an interactive volcano which simulates eruptions and gives the park a prehistoric feel.

The company plans to invest 300,000 euros of its own funds and also apply for European funds. Managers also plan to put on shows and exhibitions again.

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