Dozens evacuated after fire breaks out at Bucharest’s main railway station

Foto: IGSU

Thirty-four passengers and staff were evacuated after a fire broke overnight at Bucharest’s Gara de Nord, railway station, authorities said. 

Nobody was injured, but 16 people required on-the-spot medical care.

The fire contributed to high levels of pollution in the capital early Monday, the environment minister said.

The fire started in near the ticket offices at about midnight Sunday.

Firefighters used eight vehicles to extinguish the blaze which filled the station with thick smoke, the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations said. Authorities said the smoke spread kilometers beyond the station.

. Officials said computers and documents had burned in the blaze. An investigation is underway to find what caused the fire

Environment Minister Costel Alexe reported high levels of pollution in the capital, which he said was caused by the fire at the station and unregulated incineration of waste and tires.


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