UPDATE. ‘Forget conspiracy theories, listen to medics’ Romania’s Orthodox Church tells faithful

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

Romania’s Orthodox Church has called on the faithful to heed the advice of health professionals rather than believe ‘absurd’  conspiracy theories about Covid-19 as the virus claims hundreds of lives every day.

Church spokesman Vasile Bănescu launched an appeal on Wednesday when Romania reported 414 deaths in the past 24 hours and 17,158 new cases with no sign of infections abating.

Deadly fourth wave

There have been at least 2,550 people Covid-19 deaths in the past week as a deadly fourth wave grips the country.

The health crisis is compounded by a low vaccine uptake in the European Union member state. Only one-third of people have received at least one shot, the second lowest rate in the bloc.

Hospitals are overwhelmed by the large number of cases as experts warn the fourth wave may last until the new year.

President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday said „urgent measures” needed to be taken.

„This is a time of suffering, a national drama… Vaccination is the only solution that has worked in all countries,” he said.

Absurd conspiracy theories

„We have all seen the terrible images of hospital morgues. It is overwhelming what is happening,” Vasile Banescu said in comments carried by Agerpres.“ It is based on widespread skepticism which has become lethal, and absurd conspiracy theories,” he added.

“ In this full-on aggressive pandemic  whereICUs have too many patients …. and morgues are overflowing, the rational and urgent duty of each one of us, even at this late hour is to take the disease seriously and listen exclusively to medics’ recommendations.”

Some 87% of Romanians belong to the Romanian Orthodox Church and priests carry influence particularly in rural areas.

Restrictive measures

President Iohannis will meet government and health officials who are handling the pandemic later Wednesday to discuss “clear, restrictive” new measures.

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