G. M. Cantacuzino painting expo at King’s house in Viscri

Sursa: Casa din Viscri

King Charles’ house in Viscri will host a temporary exhibition of over 30 oil paintings and watercolors of artist, cultural virtuoso, architect and writer George Matei Cantacuzino (1899 – 1960).

Considered a significant thinker of Romania’s Belle Epoque and spiritually effervescent Interbelic Era, Cantacuzino was also a member of one of Romania’s most historically important princely families. 

The exposition, entitled “Captive between Worlds” marks 125 years since his birth. 

These paintings have been described by the organisers as being optimistic and harmonious, reflective of a biography in which the protagonist chose the path of happiness and contentment despite the disenfranchisement that befell him with the rise of the communist regime.

We see landscapes of the Black Sea coast, the hills and churches of Iași, the nature of Moldavia. 

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Ilinca Cantacuzino, G.M. Cantacuzino’s granddaughter, herself an artist. 

With this occasion, visitors can also see The Transylvania Florigelium exposition (Charles’ collection of botanical art), which is permanent until the King’s House closes in October. 

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