German truck maker MAN opens 4 million euro service and sales point in western Romania

Man Truck & Bus Romania, Facebook
Man Truck & Bus Romania, Facebook

German truck maker MAN has opened its ninth service and sales point in Romania, a 4 million euro investment which business groups and diplomats said was particularly welcome during the coronavirus pandemic.

„The decision to open an office in Oradea in this difficult period came from a desire to support the Romanian transport sector and to create more jobs in this area,” MHS Holding president Michael Schmidt said in a video message.

MHS Truck & Bus Group are the importers and distributors for the MAN and Neoplan in Romania.

The new MHS Truck Service, located on a major highway in western Romania near the Hungarian border, will serve MAN trucks in the busy area.

Elena Claudia Iordache, MHS CEO and Geza Bator, the mayor of Bors cut the ribbon for the event on Friday.

 Ioradche told Forbes that Schmidt had been the driving force behind the new venture despite the challenges of the global health crisis.

“He’s an entrepreneur who never stopped…. Even during the pandemic, my colleagues who are very enthusiastic wanted to come and work and support our clients, especially transporters who were working, and our services were open non-stop.”

The facility covers 12,000 square meters, most of which is for parking space and reserved for new vehicles, while the rest is office buildings and the workshop.

Romania’s ambassador to Germany, Emil Hurezeanu, welcomed the investment which creates 24 new jobs.

“It’s an important investment at a time when investments are on hold waiting for an outcome that we all want to see as soon as possible.”

“The investment comes from a country that holds the rotating presidency of the European Union and is Romania’s most important trading partner,” Bihor online reported.

George Bologan, Romania’s ambassador to Italy, said he hoped others would be inspired by Schmidt who couldn’t attend the event due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

“I learned something that could be used by all of us, regardless of our activity, public administration or politics (and that’s) to abandon reactive attitudes, and to have the courage, to be enthusiastic and proactive,” Bologan said. “If we had an attitude like this, we’d be far ahead of other countries.”

MHS already has offices in the capital, Bucharest and Otopeni, the Transylvanian cities of Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, Timișoara in western Romania, Bacau in the east, and the Black Sea port of Constanța.

It also operates in Iasi, Slatina, Oradea, Piatra Neamț and Baia Mare.

Iordache said the pandemic had led to a drop in projected revenue from the service sector, but income was still higher than in 2019.

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers which had an annual revenue of 11 billion euros in 2019.

The company manufactures vans, trucks, buses, coaches and diesel and gas engines along with services related to passenger and cargo transport.


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