Health ministry: 70% of Romanian health staff are Covid vaccinated

Sursa: Pixabay

Romania’s health ministry says 70% of healthcare personnel working in public hospitals have been vaccinated for Covid-19.

More than 25,000 have been fully vaccinated so far with about 300 waiting to get a booster shot, the ministry said on Tuesday. The figures are valid until the end of July.

Vaccine uptake is higher among doctors than other healthcare staff.

The highest rates are in Calarasi county in southeast Romania, Bucharest and Ilfov where more than 80% of medics have been inoculated.  In five other counties, the vaccine rate of doctors in higher than 80%.

Nurses and stretcher bearers have been more hesitant to get a jab. About 56% of nurses are  fully vaccinated. Less than half of stretcher bearers have gas a vaccine shot.

In the counties of Arad, western Romania and Neamt in the northeast , less  than 40% of healthcare personnel are vaccinated.

With the risk of a fourth wave looming, pressure is growing for all healthcare professionals to get the jab.

Romania’s vaccine rollout has slowed in recent month after a brisk start. About 30% of the eligible population, or people over 12, has received a jab.

Prime Minister Florin Citu is considering offering incentives, such as vouchers,  to encourage more people to get jabs.

Health authorities are worried about hospitals being overrun with a fourth wave expected toward the end of September.

In other Covid-19 related news, Romania reported 326 new cases on Wednesday. It was the second consecutive day of more than 300 cases, and the highest rate since May 26.

Eight patients with Covid-19 died in the past day.

Romania reports 312 new Covid-19 cases, highest figure in over two months





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