Heavily pregnant woman, 2-year-old rescued in Romania after they got stuck on mountain in freezing weather

A heavily pregnant woman and a two-year-old have been rescued after they got stuck on a mountain after dark in freezing weather.

Mountain rescuers received a distress call late Saturday from a group of five who were stranded on Varful Toaca, northeast Romania.

The mum-to-be who was in the last month of her pregnancy and the toddler were exhausted and unable to make the descent.

Mountain rescue teams sent a vehicle for rocky terrain to the area in the Ceahlaul National Park. They drove them safely down the mountain, a statement said.

Mountain rescue chief for the Neamt region, Raul Papalicev, said his team got a call after  dark after the group got into difficulty on the Ceahlau Massif.

„We’re talking about a woman with a two-year-old and a woman in the last month of pregnancy. The woman with the child was exhausted,” he said.

“I don’t think a climb of 1,000 meters up and back down again, in freezing conditions, is wise for a two-year-old,” he said. The two women suffered panic attacks during their ordeal.

They were transported to the Durau resort and left in their own cars after refusing medical help. They were properly dressed and equipped for the mountain trek, he said.

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