Humanitarian aid group World Vision promises aid to 200,000 Ukrainian refugees who come to Romania

Inquam Photos / Alex Nicodim

Humanitarian aid organization World Vision says it  is prepared to offer help to 200,000 Ukrainian refugees who flee to Romania, predicting that 20% of displaced people will stay and even settle here.

Romanian border police say almost half a million Ukrainians, mainly women and children have poured into Romania in the last three weeks since the war began. An estimated 135,000 have stayed in the country.

The United Nations says about 3 million have fled Ukraine so far since the conflict began.

From missions at the border in Ukraine and Romanian shelters  for refugees, we are noticing that more and Ukrainians are arriving who want to stay. “ the non-government group’s Romanian office said on Thursday.

It said the displaced people don’t have relatives, people they know, or the financial resources to travel on to other states.

“These people need to be integrated. World Vision Romania anticipates  providing services for 200,000 Ukrainians,” a statement said.

Mihaela Nabar, the executive director of World Vision, said the organization would provide food, toiletries, things for children and psychological counseling.

She said about one-fifth of refugees currently in Romania would stay for the medium and long-term, according to current estimates.

“We are expecting Ukrainians who aren’t well off  to come here as well as to other neighboring countries,” she added.

World Vision plans to help to 50,000 Ukrainians who haven’t left but  have fled to safer parts of their country. It Will also offer help to about 25,000 Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and Georgia.

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