Pilots make ‘Mayday’ call  in Romania after brawl breaks out on flight

Foto: Facebook

Wizz Air pilots made a “Mayday” call after a brawl broke out between passengers on a flight from Copenhagen to Bucharest, boardingpass.ro reported.

The site said a drunk passenger started a fight with other passengers during the flight on Thursday evening.

Pilots asked the control tower in the Romanian capital to call police and an ambulance to the plane on landing.

Anti-terrorist police boarded the plane and immobilized the passenger who caused the incident.

„A 44-year-old heavily drunk man who  started a fight on the aircraft was escorted off the plane by border police,” a statement said.

The plane landed at about 21.30 on Thursday evening, according to flightradar24.com.

Police said that no weapons or dangerous objects were found on the man.

Flights were temporarily suspended from the runway on Thursday evening after the incident.



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