Police bust 100-person house party in Romanian capital

Sursa: Pixabay

Romanian police have busted an illegal house party in Bucharest and fined more than 100 revelers for flouting Covid-19 restrictions.

Police said they received a call at 3.30 a.m on Sunday morning from someone reporting a lot of noise coming from an apartment.

Police called for reinforcements and headed to the flat where they found a huge private event going on, a statement said.

They counted more than 100 people at the event who were breaking Covid-19 restrictions. The party was at an apartment in the Tei area in the east of the city.

Large indoor private events have been banned during the pandemic. There are also strict rules applied to restaurants which can only serve customers outdoors or takeaway food.


Police said they handed out fines of 226,000 lei (46,300 euros) to 113 people, which is an average of 500 lei, slightly more than 100 euros a person.

There were no other details immediately available.

Police broke up another party Saturday in a restaurant in the 5th district attended by 53 people. They handed out fines including a 10,000-lei sanction to the restaurant manager.

Rising cases

In other coronavirus news, cases rose in some areas as authorities imposed more restrictions

Six counties and the capital currently have more than three cases per 1,000, the threshold for the ‘’red scenario.’

The highest concentration of Covid-19 cases is in Timis, western Romania which has 5.49 cases per 1,000 and even more in the city of Timisoara, which has been placed under a partial lockdown.

Seventeen counties are in the ‘yellow scenario’ reporting 1.5 to 3 cases per 1,000 over the past fortnight.

Bucharest posted 1,179 new cases on Sunday, more than one-four of  the day’s total cases. Timis reported 433 new cases.

Romanian authorities on Sunday imposed an earlier curfew and people who are are out during the curfew will need to fill out a form to state the reason for their movements.

The curfew which will run from 10 p.m to 5 a.m begins Sunday evening across Romania.


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