UPDATE. Romania among EU states sending pandemic aid to Covid-stricken India

Romania has joined international effort to deliver urgent aid to Covid-hit India.

The National Committee for Emergency Situations agreed  on Tuesday to send 80 oxygen concentrators and 75 oxygen cylinders and grant humanitarian aid to India which is struggling with record numbers of Covid-19 infections and deaths.

Medical supplies

Other EU members states are also sending medical supplies to India.

 „A shipment of urgently needed oxygen, medicine, and equipment will be delivered over the coming days by EU member states India, following the country’s request for support through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism,” a statement from the European Commission said.

Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Sweden are sending oxygen, ventilators and antivirals.

France and German are expected to send aid in coming days, the Commission also said.


Crates of ventilators and oxygen concentrators from the UK, which is no longer in the EU, arrived at an airport in the Indian capital of New Delhi on Tuesday.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is also providing critical equipment and supplies to India.

Several other nations, including the U.S, Israel and Pakistan have also pledged to send medical supplies.

Mass burials

Hospitals in the country of nearly 1.4 billion people are facing a chronic shortage of oxygen and beds on their intensive care wards.

Many people are being forced to use makeshift facilities for mass burials and cremations as the country’s funeral services have become overwhelmed.

Yellow list

The Covid-19 variant believed to be behind a devastating surge of infections and deaths in India has been detected in 17 countries worldwide including multiple European nations including Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK.

Romania has added India to the so-called “yellow list” list of countries with a high number of cases.

Travelers arriving in Romania from India are required to quarantine at home or a stated location for 14 days.


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