Romania celebrates 25 years of energy regulation

Sursa: Cosmin Marinescu

This is speech made by Cosmin Marinescu at the 25th anniversary of the creation of Romania’s energy regulator, ANRE at the Romanian Athenaeum. Professor Marinescu is an economist, professor at  the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and adviser to President Klaus Iohannis on economic and social policy.


„I was pleased to participate in an important anniversary moment for our energy sector, occasioned by the completion of a quarter of a century of activity of the National Energy Regulatory Authority. For 25 years, the Authority, sometimes praised but often criticized, has nevertheless assumed the institutional, defining role of becoming a pillar of stability for the Romanian energy system. In this anniversary context, I sent ANRE congratulations on behalf of the Presidential Administration, through the following message:

„It is emblematic how ANRE’s young history overlapped, in its first part, with the transition and the European pre-accession stage and, subsequently, with Romania’s status as a member state of the European Union, which profoundly shaped the institutional architecture in key areas.

Today’s anniversary is a good opportunity to take stock, but it can also be a moment of reflection and vision for what is to come. In this regard, we are convinced that our energy future must be one of competitiveness, innovation and sustainability, and this ambitious path depends on the quality of common commitments, and on honest, constructive dialogue, oriented towards a general „better”.

I am not an energy specialist, but, as an economist and as an advisor to the President of Romania on economic issues, I have obviously been exposed to energy problems, precisely because, especially when there are problems, energy actors, but also the relevant authorities, also come to the Presidential Administration with various problems and requests. And if I remember correctly, these have not been few at all in recent years.

In this context, I appreciated the collaboration with ANRE throughout the entire period of activity carried out at the Presidential Administration. Also, the relevant ministry has also been, especially in recent years, an interlocutor and a committed decision-maker, but also a commitment for our energy sector.

The last few years are the ones that have given the measure of ANRE’s efficiency and responsibility. As we all know, moments of crisis are always the ones that reveal the balance and wisdom of the authorities in the field.

Against the backdrop of multiple crises in recent years, ANRE has fully demonstrated its balance in conception and firmness in action. You have actively fulfilled your role as a silent guardian of the energy market, promoting efficient regulations, in line with the priorities of the sector, but also adapted to the current times, some of which are exceptional, which we probably would not have wanted.

However, speaking of the market, I still feel the need to invoke the fine-tuning that regulators have to resort to – at the service of the proper functioning of the market, especially in complicated times, dominated by crises and the related speculative temptations. In addition, as we all anticipate, the transition to the economy of the future is intrinsically correlated with the energy transition, and this path must be dosed with wisdom and vision.

In the coming years, Romania’s economic future will also benefit from the energy foundation that ANRE and the Ministry of Energy are consistently strengthening. In this regard, on the anniversary clock, I congratulate ANRE and encourage you to stay on the right track you are on, aligned with high standards of efficiency, competition, transparency and consumer protection.

As far as we are concerned, as a representative of the Presidential Administration, I assure you that we will be by your side and will support, even in the remaining period, all the ideas, projects and laws that are good for Romania. Thank you and I wish you good luck in the future!”

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