Romania intends to no longer come as a package deal with Bulgaria

Romania’s Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca announced on Friday that steps for Romania’s accession to Schengen will be continued, and specified that the decoupling in from Bulgaria is a measure that must be considered.

„As we discussed with the president of Romania, as we discussed this morning with the president of the PSD (Social Democratic Party), we will continue all steps for accession to the Schengen area in order to fulfill our national objective. We have this unified political decision. We need to continue this step out of respect for the Romanians, out of respect for our European partners”, stated Ciuca.

„At this moment we are discussing with the European institutions and the Czech presidency in order to be able to identify what are the immediate solutions that can be taken and we are also discussing with the Swedish side because it is going to take over the presidency from the Czech Republic and to analyze the opportunity on the Council’s agenda of the accession decision,” Ciuca said.

When asked about a decoupling from Bulgaria in this case, the prime minister specified that it is a „measure that we have to analyze”.

„It is an approach that each country must undertake individually”, said Nicolae Ciuca.

He claimed that in the meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council on Thursday, a decoupling from Bulgaria was discussed, but it was not approved by this country and Austria.

Lies and propaganda: Romania and Schengen


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