Romania mulls imposing restrictions for December 1 national day celebrations

Foto: INQUAM/Cătălin Caciuc

Romanian authorities want to limit celebrations on December 1 in a bid to stem a fresh surge of Covid-19 cases.

The National Center for Supervision and Control on Friday issued its latest recommendations, which includes a maximum of 400 spectators in Bucharest where the government, diplomats and military chiefs gather to watch a big military parade.

A limit of 200 people is recommended for smaller events in other towns. Authorities want people to show green passes to access to public events.

Outdoor events may be allowed only until 9pm with a maximum of 1,000 participants.

The government will decide whether to go ahead with the recommendations.

The government is expected to announce a public holiday on Monday November. 29 through to Wednesday December 1, and many people may head to the mountains or out of the major cities.

Romania’s government imposed restrictions in October after a surge in new coronavirus cases and a daily death toll that ran into the hundreds.

People need vaccine certificates or proof they have had the virus in the last six months for many daily activities such going to shopping malls, entering public buildings or going to restaurants.

Cases have gone down but the number of deaths is still high.  There were 2,900 new cases on Friday and 254 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Health authorities fear cases may spiral out of control again and want to keep tight restrictions in place as the holiday season approaches.

More people got vaccinated as the restrictions were put in place and cases soared, but numbers have tailed off in recent days.

Almost 11 months after the vaccine campaign began, some 44.3% of the eligible population has received a jab, the Strategic Communication Group said Thursday.

Romania’s vaccine rate rises to nearly 45%, but still low. People in cities getting the most jabs



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