Romania reopens Racovăţ crossing point for Ukrainians

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The Romanian Government has opted to reopen the Racovăţ, Romania – Dyakivtsi, Ukraine international state border crossing point and customs office, according to governmental spokesperson Dan Carbunaru, reports Agerpres.

„This piece of legislation provides for the opening of a border crossing point that was closed for almost 13 years, failing to meet the necessary requirements for an external border crossing point during this entire period. This point will be open for pedestrian and road traffic, including passenger and freight buses, being operational around the clock. (…) This border crossing point will become operational gradually. In a first stage it will be opened for the passage of lorries without a cargo and fuel tanks, and then, depending on the state of the infrastructure, for other types of vehicles and goods. The positions necessary to carry out the checking will be filled by supplementing the number of posts approved for the Border Police, the Romanian Customs Authority and CNAIR”, Carbunaru told a news conference at the Government House on Thursday.

He added that the decision is part of the measures that the Romanian government has prepared and implemented to support Ukraine.

„Romania is one of the countries acting extremely actively to support both Ukraine and the citizens of this country who are affected by the Russian military aggression”, added Carbunaru.

Romania government says it spent 500 million euros in aid for Ukrainian refugees


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