Romania to relax lockdown. Hairdressers, dentists and museums to re-open from May 15

inquam-photo-bucuresti-covid19-viata-cotidiana-22-aprilie-George Calin

President Klaus Iohannis says barbers, dentists and museums can re-open from mid-May as the country begins to relax the lockdown which was put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19.

After reviewing the current state of the virus outbreak, Iohannis said Monday that he had decided to downgrade the state of emergency to “a state of alert” meaning fewer restrictions on businesses and people’s movements.

However, Iohannis cautioned that life wouldn’t immediately return to normal, or the way it was before the virus outbreak.

“The epidemic hasn’t ended,” Iohannis said. “It’s not good to exaggerate.”

Malls, restaurants and bars will remain closed under the state of alert.

Iohannis imposed a state of emergency on March 16 and a month later extended it to May 15.

The lockdown was designed to limit the spread of the coronavirus. On Monday, Romania reported 13,512 people had been infected with the virus and 803 deaths.

After May 15, it will be compulsory to wear masks in enclosed spaces in public, such as shops and on public transport.

Romania will no longer have to fill out forms explaining why they have left home if they stay in the town or village where they live.

However, people will only be allowed to visit another town for work, health issues or for individual sport activities, such as riding a bike.

Professional sport will resume but “in very special conditions,”he said. It is likely that spectators won’t be allowed to watch sporting events.


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