Romanian consumers left with sour taste after thousands of bottles of vinegar pulled from supermarket shelves

Romanian consumers have been left with a sour taste after 11,000 liters of counterfeit vinegar were withdrawn from sale in some of the country’s biggest supermarket chains.

The National Consumer Protection Authority on Wednesday said it found ‘falsified’ vinegar in the capital and surrounding area in Penny, Carrefour, Kaufland, Auchan and Cora supermarkets, reported.

Retailers were fined a total of 20,000 lei (about 4,050 euros).

Teams carried out checks at the different supermarkets “in the idea of seeing whether the product actually matched what was on the label.” Samples were sent for lab tests and compared to tests taken at other EU labs.

“We found that some samples of vinegar which claimed to be wine vinegar, apple or cherry vinegar were in fact a product …. that was substantially different to what was on the label.”

The statement said 11,500 liters were impounded, and retailers were fined.

Supermarkets were told to “immediately stop these deceptive practices.”

The consumers’ association sent the lab results to the food safety department to send an alert to the European Union about the counterfeit vinegar. Investigations are continuing.

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