Romanian fake vaccine certificate holders  caught out by their telephone calls

Foto: Inquam Photos / Sabin Cirstoveanu

Romanians who obtained false Covid-19 vaccine certificates have been caught out by their mobile telephone numbers, prosecutors said Thursday.

The case came to light during the probe of dozens of healthcare professionals suspected of being part of a false Covid vaccine pass trade in the Prahova region, Adevarul reported.

Some people who claimed to have been inoculated against Covid-19 never actually turned up at vaccine centers. Sometimes they were even in another country, according to prosecutors and police.

Every vaccine certificate states the time and hour the person vaccinated got their jab. It also lists a telephone number.

Investigators traced the telephone numbers and found some vaccine pass holders were in a different location at the time they were theoretically at the vaccine center getting a shot.

One of the suspects is a police officer who works for the local passport office.

Prosecutors have handed over their findings to the Prahova prosecutors’ office at the court which is pursuing charges.

Earlier this month, investigators questioned dozens who are suspected of issuing vaccine certificates without actually administering the jabs.

To avoid detection, they disposed of the vaccine, rather than inject it. The method is informally known as „vaccine down the sink.”

Prosecutors said the Covid vaccine trade was based on a complex network. Medics who issued the certificates and needed to quietly dispose of the vaccine, worked with intermediaries.

They found people willing to pay up to 1,000 lei (about 200 euros) for the fake documents.

Suspects are being investigated for taking and giving bribes, influence trafficking and making false statements.

Romanian police question dozens of health professionals over false Covid vaccine certificates




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