Romanian firefighters battling blazes on Evia praised by Greek media

Foto: IGSU

Romanian firefighters battling deadly blazes in Greece have earned praise for their speed and organization.

A team of more than 100 firefighters and 23 fire engines headed to Greece on August 6 to help fight the wildfires that have broken out across the country. They are expected to work there for ten to fourteen days.

“Romanian firefighters …. seem to have come from another planet,” reported on Monday.

“ Their speed, organization, meticulousness and instinctive reflexes are amazing,” it added.

Wildfires have continued to rip through Evia, Greece’s second largest island. Residents have fled to safety by sea.

The massive forest fire has torn through forests, destroyed homes and businesses.

More than 2,000 people have already been evacuated, with elderly residents carried on to ferries, the BBC reported.

Local officials said not enough help had been sent to fight the fires.

Greece is experiencing its most severe heatwave in 30 years, with temperatures climbing to 45C, media reported.

“Romania stands by Greece in these difficult moments,” Romanian Prime Minister Florin  Cîţu wrote in a post announcing that the government had approved the aid for Greece.

As well as Romania, Switzerland, Cyprus, France and Sweden have sent much-needed assistance. The devastating wildfires have ravaged northern Athens,  Evia and in the Peloponnese.

On August 4, the EU announced it was sending aid to Italy, Greece, Albania and North Macedonia to fight the forest fires affecting various regions.

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism has channeled support to help combat the forest fires in Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean.

Following requests from Greece, North Macedonia, Albania, Italy and Turkey, the European Union has now helped mobilize 14 firefighting planes, 3 helicopters, some 1,300 rescuers and 250 vehicles, the EU said.

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  1. I was in Bosnia just after their war (1996-98) and the Romanian army won praise from the big NATO forces for the quality of the engineering force they sent to repair roads and bridges. They just got on with the hard work rather that spend days/months endlessly discussing what needs to be done. They earned a lot of respect for their hard work and good humour.


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