Romanian interest for health insurances rises

Voluntary health insurance has been one of the most sought-after insurance policies in 2022, with nearly 40% of Romanians saying that they are interested, according to a recent survey.

Voluntary health insurance policies were top of the list in terms of popularity in the UNSAR-IRES survey titled Risk perception and insurance culture in Romania. Health insurance was followed by home insurance policies and travel insurance.

The survey also revealed that Romanian consumers are willing to forego social health insurance and pay extra in order to have quick access to higher-quality medical services. The number of those willing to pay extra for such services, irrespective of the type, increased by an average of 3% relative to last year.

Surgical procedures (79%), recovery (77%), and hospitalization (76%) are the top three services for which Romanians are willing to pay more. Lab analyses, outpatient services, medical imaging, as well as dental, pediatric, and emergency services are also on the list.


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