Romanian military airlifts one national from Kabul

Evacuation from Kabul, Romanian defense ministry
Evacuation from Kabul, Romanian defense ministry

A Romanian C-130 military aircraft has airlifted a single Romanian national from besieged Kabul as dozens remained trapped in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

The Romanian who worked for a NATO agency was evacuated from Kabul late Wednesday and flown to Islamabad in neighboring Pakistan, the defense ministry said.

The Romanian Air Force plane will remain in Islamabad on standby for other Romanians who are stranded in Kabul.

The foreign ministry is working to locate Romanians and get them to the airport,

The ministry said the “difficult and dangerous security conditions” had prevented other Romanians reaching the airport.

It said access to the airport was hampered by checkpoints and a large numbers trying to abandon the country after the takeover.

On Sunday, Taliban terrorists appear on the edge of Kabul after a lightning offensive that began in May as US and NATO troops began to withdraw.

In the space of 10 days, the Taliban seized city after city across the country without resistance. American forces have taken control of the airport as thousands desperately try to flee Afghanistan,

Most of the Romanians who want to leave haven’t reached the airport, the statement said,  adding it was trying to ensure their transfer “thought specific channels” to the airport.

There are 33 Romanians in Afghanistan, of which 16 have asked to be evacuated.

They are employees of a NATO agency, a UN program and a security company operating in Afghanistan.

Romania is also trying to identify Afghans who worked with Romanian troops during the 20-year mission, and students who had grants to study in Romania.

If contacted, they are also eligible for evacuation by the Romanian military aircraft, the statement said.

Air Force sends C-130 to evacuate Romanians in Afghanistan


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