Romanian universities selected for Erasmus+

Several Romanian universities (The University of Bucharest, the West University of Timisoara and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca were selected for participation) have been selected to participate in Erasmus+, which provides for the testing of new forms of transnational cooperation between higher education institutions, informs a press release of the Ministry of Education.

„This European diploma label will reflect all the skills and results of students who have followed common programs in several countries, benefiting from transdisciplinary pedagogical approaches”, the press release informs.

The results of the Erasmus+ call for the two instruments dedicated to universities were announced on Tuesday by the European Commission. It is about the launch of ten pilot projects, each of which can receive, for one year, a budget of up to 200,000 euros through Erasmus+.

„This program represents an important stage, included in the European Strategy for universities announced a year ago by the officials of the European Commission”, the source states.

As part of the activity dedicated to Erasmus+, the selected universities will cooperate with the relevant authorities at national or regional level and, subsequently, will develop proposals according to the direction of the programs they have worked on.

The Ministry of Education is an institutional partner of the Erasmus+ program.

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