Romanian woman who dumped her cat on road fined 3,000 lei by police


A woman has been fined 3,000 lei (about 620 euros) after she  abandoned her pet cat on the road in a rare case of authorities penalizing someone for animal cruelty.

A passer-by filmed a woman getting out of a car she was driving and leaving a sack on the side of road with a tom cat inside.

The passer-by alerted police who identified the woman likely through her car registration plates. She was handed the maximum fine for dumping the pet under a 2004 law, Digi24 reported.

The incident occurred last month in the northern Suceava region, but was only reported now.

Romania modified its animal protection law in 2004 and republished it a decade later, but there are frequent violations, animal groups say.

It is rare to hear of a pet owner being penalized for abandoning an animal.

Romania’s government is currently setting up a taskforce to investigate animal neglect and cruelty.

Under new rules, police can enter private property without a warrant to rescue an animal if there is sufficient evidence that it is in danger.  

Animal rights groups say that dozens of animals are maltreated every day.


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