UPDATE. Romania’s president nominates Ludovic Orban as PM, a day after his Liberal government ousted in no-confidence vote

Sursa: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

 President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday nominated Ludovic Orban as prime minister to continue economic and electoral reforms, a day after Orban’s minority Liberal government was dismissed in a vote of no-confidence.

Lawmakers voted 261-139 on Wednesday to remove the government, far more than the 233 needed. The move raises the prospect of early elections and prolongs political uncertainty.

Iohannis, who formerly led the Liberal Party, reiterated that „early elections are my first option,” adding other parties did not back a snap poll, something which Romania hasn’t had since communism ended 30 years ago.

The Social Democratic Party, which is doing badly in the polls, opposes an early vote and will likely not approve Orban’s Cabinet which needs to be approved by Parliament. It is uncertain whether Orban will get the votes he needs.

The collapse of the Liberal government takes them one step closer to their goal of summer elections.

A recent opinion poll gave the Liberals about 47% and they hope to capitalize on that and build a solid majority in Parliament.

If two cabinets fail to win parliamentary approval within a 60-day period, the president can dissolve Parliament, triggering early elections.

Iohannis held talks with Romania’s political parties all day Thursday about the situation.

They brought the confidence motion Wednesday in a bid to regain power after being ousted in a censure motion in October.

They have criticized Orban for trying to change electoral laws without public debate ahead of municipal elections in June.


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