Safe cities? Come to Transylvania where towns have least crime in the world-study

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Transylvania is best known for the bloodthirsty Dracula legend, but Transylvanian cities have the least crime not only in Romania, but anywhere in the world according to a new global study.

The Crime Index 2020 ranked Cluj, Romania’s second-biggest city, as the safest in Romania. Brasov and Timisoara which are also in the northwest Transylvanian region are the country’s next safest cities.

Overall, Romania is rated as one of the world’s safer countries, the study which was published by global database Numebo, says.

Crime Index reviewed 374 cities around the world, grading cities based on the number of murders, robberies, car thefts and pick-pocketing.

Cluj comes in at 13th place with a crime index of 19.69 meaning it is the only city in Romania which has “a very low level” of crime. Brasov is Romania’s second safest city in 30th place, followed by Timisoara in southwest Romania which comes in at 36th.

Iasi in northeast Romania is 62nd and the capital, Bucharest, is the country’s least safe city ranking 63rd in the Crime Index with a crime level of 27.4.

Still, Bucharest scores much better than Chisinau, the capital of neighboring Moldova which is in 205th place. Moscow is considered a little safer in 169th place with a ‘moderate’ level of crime.

Hungary’s capital Budapest and Luxembourg are also less safe than any city in Romania according to the index.

The world’s safest city is Abu Dhabi, while Europe’s safest cities are Zurich and Munich.

The study examines the level of crime in a given city and says crime levels lower than 20 are ‘very low,’ crime levels between 20 and 40 are ‘low,’ crime levels between 40 and 60 are ‘moderate,’ crime levels between 60 and 80 are ‘high’ and anything above 80 is ‘very high.’


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