Storm alert: Torrential rain, lightning and hail forecast in Romania

Foto: Inquam Photos / Akos Barabas

Sunny weather across much of Romania was to be interrupted on Tuesday with days of torrential rain, storms and high winds in parts of the country.

Meteorologists issued an amber alert for central areas. They said the stormy weather will start mid-afternoon in the west and move eastwards. It will last until Thursday evening.

The atmospheric instability will bring cooler weather and hailstorms and gusts of winds to many parts of Romania.


The weather will generally remain unstable in the second half of the week. Temperatures will be lower than normal, the National  Weather Administration said.


It will rain heavily in some areas, pouring down up to 30 liters a square meter. Winds will whip up to 90 kilometers an hour in the Carpathians,


It will be rainy in the capital with thunderstorms forecast for Thursday and lows of 14 Celsius.


The current patch of wet and windy weather at the end of May comes after one of the coldest Aprils on record.


Temperatures struggled to reach 10 Celsius in the capital on some days and there was snow farther north in the mountains.


The wet weather is expected to last into June in the capital.


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