Three bodies rescued after shipping vessel with five Romanians on board goes missing

Foto: Unsplash

A Romanian shipping vessel with five crew on board went missing Monday morning in the Black Sea, officials said. Three bodies were later recovered.

Helicopters, a ship and other vessels conducted a search mission but haven’t found the boat or the remaining two crew members.

Romanian authorities said that the vessel went missing on Monday morning around the Danube port of Tulcea area which is inland from the Black Sea.

The Romanian Agency for Sea Rescue sent a boat to the area. A helicopter with a diver was dispatched from the Black Sea port of Constanta.

Bulgarian authorities also sent a plane and the National Center for Military Command sent a helicopter.

Authorities found the body of someone who’d drowned late Monday morning near the fishing village of Gura Portita on the southern edge of the Danube Delta. The person was later confirmed to be a crew member.

The bodies of two other crew members were found washed up on the shore, One was found near Gura Portitei and the other around Vadu, a village farther south. Vadu is north of  Navodari where a major oil refinery is located.


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