Treasure hunters discover 2,500 medieval coins in forest in eastern Romania

Treasure hunters have unearthed 2,500 medieval coins from a remote forest in eastern Romanian, a museum curator said.

Daniel Costache, the director of the Buzau County Museum, said seven treasure hunters dug up an earthenware pot containing the coins and handed their find over to authorities.

He said the 2,517 coins came into the possession of the museum on Monday, after they were found in a forest in the village of Spataru.

He said medieval coins had previously been found in the county, but this was the biggest find to date.

Museum archaeologists have gone to the site to learn more details about the find.

Costache said the coins needed restoration work as they were in “an advanced state of degradation… after which well find a way to put them on display for the public.”

Nobody was available at the museum on Tuesday to provide more details about the coins.


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