VIDEO. Boeing 767 carrying U.S. soldiers suffers gear collapse on landing at Bucharest. No injuries reported

 A Boeing 767-300ER’s main landing-gear partially collapsed shortly after the twinjet touched down at Bucharest Baneasa airport with 80 American soldiers  on board Friday. No injuries were reported.

Video images captured of the landing indicate a normal touchdown, some 700 meters from the threshold as the aircraft at around 14:55 (11:55 GMT) on Friday. Weather conditions at the time were good.

The 767 had almost fully derotated when its left-hand main gear collapsed. It continued traveling for over a kilometer before coming to a halt resting on its left engine.

Aviation Safety Network reported the Boeing 767 was operating a flight from Kabul, Afghanistan to Washington DC, with a refueling stop at Bucharest, Romania.

It said that at touchdown “the left main landing gear collapsed, causing the No.1 engine and a portion of the wing to skid across the runway. All 80 passengers on board were safely evacuated. Reports said they were soldiers who were being repatriated.”

The extent of damage to the aircraft was unclear, and there was no information on whether the crew was aware of a possible undercarriage problem during the approach.

The runway was closed following the incident.

Romanian media said the aircraft was operated by Omni Air International.

Omni specialises in chartered military transport. The aircraft arrived in Bucharest from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.


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