VIDEO | In Easter message President Klaus Iohannis urges prayer for Ukrainians gripped by ‘horrors of war….still waiting for peace’

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis has called on Romanians to remember and pray for people in Ukraine as part of their Easter reflections.

The majority of Romanians belong to the Orthodox Church  and will celebrate Easter on April 24, but a number of other denominations celebrate the holiest day in the Christian calendar on Sunday.

Mr Iohannis, a Lutheran, went to a Resurrection service at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church with his wife, Carmen, a Catholic, in his hometown of Sibiu, central Romania on Saturday evening.

Before the service he spoke to reporters.

“It’s good to pray for those who unfortunately have to bear the horrors of war and are still waiting for peace,” he reported.


On Saturday, the president posted a message on social media wishing Catholics, Reformed, Unitarian and Evangelical believers a Happy Easter.

Holy Easter helps us to understand more deeply the  message of the Sacrifice and we are permeated by the Light of the Resurrection.  Let us not  forget long-suffering people in Ukraine,” he said.

Romania shares a 615-kilometer border with Ukraine. Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, some 700,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered Ukraine. Most have gone on to other countries.

More than 300 people protest in front of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest



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