VIDEO | Pedestrian accused of faking traffic accident in Romanian capital. CCTV footage shows bizarre scene

Romania had more traffic accidents and deaths than any other country in the EU  last year.

Apart from speeding, undisciplined pedestrians are one of the main causes, police say.

However, a bizarre case has emerged in which a pedestrian apparently tries to fake an accident in the Romanian capital.

The woman was taken to a psychiatric unit after CCTV footage showed her trying to stage an accident and feign being hit by a car.

The woman was on on a zebra crossing and then went to cross the busy street in unmarked area which is not designated for pedestrians

The film shows her walking obliviously in front of a moving car without checking for traffic. The car manages to stop in time.

However, instead of continuing to cross the road or interacting with the driver, the woman falls on her back and lies in the road with her arms outstretched.

Several cars stop and at least one person walks up to her, presumably to check whether she is alright or needs any help.

Observator reported that people thought had been taken sick. Police said she called 112, the  emergency number and said she’d been hit by a car.

The woman was later identified and on Monday was taken to a psychiatric hospital in the fourth district where she remains hospitalized,

„In connection with images which have circulated publicly, where a woman throws herself in front of  a car in the first district and pretends that she was hit (by a car),  the incident happened on April 25. The person has been identified and later taken to a specialized hospital in sector 4 where she remains,”a police statement said.


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