Winter returns. Heavy snow and strong winds forecast for parts of Romania

Sursa: Pexels

Spring may have arrived, but it may not feel that way in Romania where temperatures have been unusually cold.

Heavy snowfall and high winds will sweep central, southwest and northeast Romania in the coming days.

Weather forecasters issued a yellow alert from late Tuesday evening until Wednesday evening for some parts of Transylvania and the Banat region in southwest Romania.

The cold snap which comes more than a month after spring officially began will last all week, the National Weather Administration said.

Forecasters say the cold wave will bring temperatures that are well below seasonal averages. It will fall below freezing particularly at night in many places including the capital.

The new cold spell which comes after a chilly March will begin on Tuesday evening and last until Friday morning.

It will snow across central Romania with high winds causing blizzards.

The snow will lay especially in mountainous areas.

Winds will gust up to 55 kilometers on the lowlands. In the mountains, winds will reach 70 kilometers an hour creating snowdrifts. Above 1,500 meters, winds will gust up to 90 kilometers an hour reducing visibility to under 100 meters.

The cold weather will mean foggy mornings and evenings through to Saturday.


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