World’s heaviest bony fish, weighing 2.7 tons, found dead off Azores coast

A dead southern sunfish discovered in the Atlantic Ocean has taken the record for the world’s heaviest bony fish, weighing a whopping 2.7 tons.

The giant fish was found floating off the coast of Faial Island in December 2021 in the central North Atlantic. A team from the Atlantic Naturalist Association in Portugal and other experts managed to pull the carcass to shore to weigh, measure and sample its DNA.

Footage shared last week shows researchers examining the record-breaking sunfish, known as Mola alexandrini, using a forklift to raise it off the ground and weigh it.

The news was recently published in the Journal of Fish Biology revealing it weighed an astonishing 2,744 kilograms, with a height of 3.59 meters and a length of 3.25 meters.

The previous record was a giant fish was from Japan in 1996 which weighed 2,300 kilos.

Giant sunfish were recognized as a new species in 2018 and are now known to weigh twice as much as the second heaviest fish species, the ocean sunfish Mola mola.


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