1000s of Ukrainian women, children at Romanian border fleeing Russia-Ukraine conflict

Foto: monitorulbt.ro

Thousands of Ukrainians flocked to the Romanian border on Thursday after Russia invaded Ukraine.

They drove to the Vama Siret crossing in  northwest,  Agerpres news agency reported.  Only women and children were allowed to leave the country and Ukrainian men with residence in other countries.

Some said they were fleeing  to Romania; others were headed to other European countries. There were women with children in strollers at the border.

„Everyone’s scared and fleeing, to relatives, or to homes in thee mountains. They are hiding,” an Ukrainian woman told Agerpres.

Romania has a 600-kilometer border with Ukraine.

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis called Russia the ‘aggressor, not the victim.’

“The whole world can see this indisputable truth clearly.”

I „strongly condemn on behalf of Romania the military aggression by Russia against Ukraine.”

It is  “completely unjustified, illegal and unprovoked,” and threatens “countless lives.”

„This will be met with the strongest reaction by the international community inflicting massive consequence and the most severe costs.”

Romania’s foreign ministry reiterated on Thursday all Romanian citizens should leave Ukraine immediately, after Russia invaded the country.

The ministry said its embassy in Kyiv and consulates were in touch with Romanians who notified them of their presence in the country.

Romania is preparing to receive up to half a million potential refugees from Ukraine in case of a Russian invasion, Defense Minister Vasile Dincu said on Tuesday.

Romania creates task force, calls emergency security meeting after Russia invasion of Ukraine


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