800 Romanian and foreign soldiers take part in ‘special operations forces’ exercises around Romania

Foto: INQUAM/George Călin

 More than 700 Romanian soldiers and about one hundred foreign soldiers participate, until May 13, in exercises organized by the special operations forces, in several counties, the defense ministry said.

According to the defense ministry multinational exercises involving special operations forces will be carried out between May 2-13 with the Romanian Army and in the vicinity of Târgu Mureş, Sângiorgiu de Mureş, Reghin, Lunca de Sus, Jigodin, Comăneşti, Mangalia, Mihail Kogălniceanu and Cincu.

The Trojan Footprint 22 exercise is planned and coordinated by the United States Command for Special Operations in Europe (SOCEUR) and will give troops the opportunity to test and demonstrate „multi-domain” tactics, techniques and procedures.

Trojan Footprint 22 is carried out simultaneously in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. It is the premier special operations forces exercise in Europe.

Exercise Junction Strike 22 is the most important multinational and inter-institutional exercise which is organized and conducted annually by the special operations forces Command (CFOS) of the Romanian Army. It aims to  test the level of training of Special Operations Forces personnel.

„For two weeks, more than 700 Romanian soldiers, using 100 land, air and naval technical equipment together with about 100 foreign soldiers from allied or partner countries (Great Britain, United States of America, Turkey and Hungary) will train on the basis of a fictitious scenario, which is adapted to possible operational threats…

“ The exercises also aim to develop interoperability….  by planning and executing specific joint missions and operations, harmonizing the working procedures in the multinational environment, all of which have as purpose the increase of regional security, especially in the Black Sea area,” the defense ministry said.

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