Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones greets fans in pre-dawn video from Bucharest where she’s starring in Tim Burton’s Addams Family series

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Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones who is starring as Morticia in Tim Burton’s ‘Addams Family’ series greeted her fans in a film she shared from a Bucharest hotel.

In the eerie predawn film that was shot early Monday in the heart of the Romanian capital, the Welsh actress said:

“The sun hasn’t yet come up in Bucharest and I’m just about to go into hair and makeup to be Morticia Addams. But outside is beautiful Bucharest, Good morning,” she said in the predawn selfie video.

The 52-year-old actress joins a cast that includes Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and Luis Guzman as Gomez.

She play the Addam’s family matriarch and will be a guest star in the eight-episode series.

The video had been viewed 140,000 times.

After she landed the role, Ms Zeta Jones wrote on her Instagram page.

„It’s ‘WEDNESDAY!’ I have channeled Morticia Addams many times in my life 😂and now I get to play her directed by the incomparable Tim Burton in Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’. I am so excited! Reuniting with Luis Guzman ( my nemesis in the movie ‘Traffic’) as Gomez, and the fabulous Jenna Ortega in the title role of Wednesday Addams. Can’t wait.”

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