British man ‘stumbles’ across Bulgaria-Romania border during walk on the beach

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During the communist era, the borders of Romania and Bulgaria were clearly marked and closely guarded. In some places, there were no-go zones between the countries.

But since Romania and Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, travel between the two southeast European countries has become a lot less complicated.

A bit too uncomplicated some would say.

A British tourist faces charges of “fraudulently crossing the border” after taking a walk on the beach in which he crossed the border from Bulgaria to Romania, apparently by mistake.

The unnamed man, aged 60, was walking on the beach when he walked past a few branches covered with pairs of trousers which said “Border area. Don’t pass.”

Romanian border police spotted the man who was wandering along the beach in southern Romania on May 9 in the evening.

They say he had strayed about 200 meters into Romania, a statement said. He was taken for questioning after he failed to explain what he was doing in the area.

He told police that he had unintentionally walked over the border.

It was not clear what action, if any, will be taken against the man. He was escorted back into Bulgaria where investigations will continue, reported.

As makeshift as the border may seem, in 2009-2010 it was demarcated by a piece of rope buried in the sand.


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