Bulgarian, company officials facing charges after tons of fish killed by ammonia dumped in river in Romania

Foto: Heidelbergcement.ro

A Bulgarian driver, company officials and others are facing charges after a large quantity of ammonia was dumped in a cement factory which leached into a river killing tons of fish.

The incident happened on May 3. It caused major pollution on the Bicaz River in northeastern Romania, officials said according to daily Adevarul.

The Bulgarian allegedly dumped the ammonia in a canal at a cement factory which then seeped into the river. Tons of fish at nearby trout farms died authorities said.

Cement company officials at the factory in the town of Tasca and environmental authorities were slow to report the incident, they said.

Local prefect George Lazar, police chiefs, the Environmental Guard, emergency situations officials and health safety officials announced they were pursuing charges on Wednesday.

The German-owned  HeidelbergCement factory in the town was built 70 years ago during the communist era. It was privatized in 1998.

The driver faces charges of pollution and dumping substances which can be hamrful to humans, animals and river life.

The case also focuses on the deaths of hundreds of fish at the Cheita trout farm, a popular tourist attraction. The trout farm manager told clients that bought the trout that the fish came from another farm. It is unclear whether anyone ate the polluted fish.

„The investigations are in full swing… and are being coordinated by local prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bicaz Court,”the local police chief said.

Police are also probing cement company officials and the company that supplied the ammonia,” Chief Commissioner Mihai Osoianu who is in charge of the Neamt police department.



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